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Best Portable Air Conditioner Canada – 2017

Hey Canada! What is the best portable air conditioner for 2017? Well you’ve come to the right place. We have tested and reviewed ALL of the portable air conditioners on Amazon Canada in 2017. To start with, check out our air conditioner reviews here. We have listed numerous portable air conditioners that will suit your needs, whether you need to cool a studio apartment or several bedrooms in your home. Don’t want to read through dozens of portable air conditioner...
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The Best Portable Air Conditioner Reviews in Canada

What makes a good portable air conditioner? What are BTUs? What about window air conditioners? These are questions people often ask me and they are all great questions. When it comes to finding the best portable air conditioner in Canada, many of the decisions we make around buying depend on exactly these things. While BTUs are important, so is price of course! You also need to know if your window can support a window air conditioner. Portable air conditioners should...
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Hello Canada!

Welcome to the blog. Here we’ll be posting articles about home cooling tips including natural home cooling, ac home cooling, using fans and curtains, and so much more! We really believe you can keep your house cool in the summer within your budget using some really simple methods. We ask that you read through the site and we hope your find our content useful and informative. Comments on our blog are welcome and encouraged. Cheers, The team.